What to Expect on your first chiropractic visit

On the initial Chiropractic visit a complete history and physical examination will be performed in order to determine need for radiographs. 

The first step of the diagnosis is to determine the degree in which the atlas is misaligned. Very precise x-rays are taken which show the doctor exactly how the atlas is displaced.

  • As a convenience, x-ray imaging is done in the office and same day adjustments can be performed.

The x-rays taken are invaluable in making the most precise atlas correction, which is as unique to the patient as their own fingerprint. Following the diagnosis a specific treatment protocol is developed to align the atlas into the correct neutral/orthogonal position. 

  • Dr. Jacobs will go over your x-ray and exam findings and then gives a treatment recommendation.

The atlas is then adjusted for the first time by the specific percussion wave, spinal adjustment instrument and additional adjustments are given utilizing a hand-held Activator instrument. 

  • The procedure is non-invasive and gentle.

  • The first appointment typically lasts 1hr to 1.5 hrs.

The results are often immediate and dramatic. However, the atlas may have been out of alignment for some time before symptoms actually appear.

Without proper treatment the symptoms only get worse, and the problem becomes more difficult to correct. The longer the existing condition is without treatment, the more time and treatment it may take to heal.